Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Daydream Club
"Over grown"

I was recently introduced to the rad indie band, The Daydream Club. I must tell you, I like what I hear. This nice indie band sails in from the UK, and they are a harmonizing seaside melody duo. I had an opportunity to interview them, and here is what they had to say:

The Barvar Dear: Who's in the band?

The Daydream Club: Adam Pickering, and Paula Walker. (Instr. from vocals, piano, guitars, )

The Barvar Dear: Where are you guys from?

The Daydream Club: Paula: I consider myself a Northern girl though I haven't got a broad accent because I lived abroad and travelled quite a bit when I was younger. My family finally settled in a small seaside town called Redcar. Adam: I'm a Midlands lad from Leicestershire constantly striving to get to the beach at every chance.

The Barvar Dear: When was The Daydream Club created?

The Daydream Club: The It was about a year ago...we actually set out to be an electro/pop duo but something happened along the way, and our debut album ended up being an intimate, stripped-back, acoustic affair.

The Barvar Dear: Where did you get the name for the band?

The Daydream Club: Names are tricky...you spend endless hours traipsing through dictionaries, flicking through magazines with your eyes closed and pointing to a page or making anagrams out of your combined names, all to try and find that perfect blend of random words which eventually just become a sound anyway. Sadly there is no profound meaning behind our name, it just seemed to fit our personalities and the music we create. We figured there's probably plenty more people out there just like us dreaming about someone knocking on your door and saying "Here's a penthouse apartment free of charge and the Barclaycard Mercury Prize for your album "Overgrown"....all you have to do is take this cake and eat it!"

The Barvar Dear: Where do you find/get the inspiration for your musical ideas?

The Daydream Club: It sounds limp but everyday life is inspiration, especially with all the social and economic changes we're facing at the minute. Musical instruments themselves are a huge influence, all it takes is a hint of a riff and then we're away!

The Barvar Dear: Who are your biggest influences? (Musical/written)

The Daydream Club: Our influences change within the space of an hour...at this point in time...Steve Reich, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver, Yann Tiersen, Rachmaninov, Miike Snow, Underworld, Herbert, Brian Eno......you know what, this is an impossible task...moving on!

The Barvar Dear: How would you describe your sound?

The Daydream Club: Honest music in its simplest form.

The Barvar Dear: What makes your bands sound different from others?

The Daydream Club: We like to think that our songwriting choices might differ from others, maybe not every band would write a song purely around a melodica or would twock a dramatic classical piano instrumental in a song essentially as its chorus.

The Barvar Dear: Do you have any tour plans/ info?

The Daydream Club: At the minute we don't have enough dates in a row to qualify as a tour but we're always getting gigs in, scattered across the UK.

The Barvar Dear: Where to buy your music online?

The Daydream Club: Our debut album "Overgrown" will be released in November this year and will be available to buy digitally worldwide via most popular download stores including itunes, Play.com and Spotify. The physical CD will be available to buy exclusively from our Myspace (www.myspace.com/thedaydreamclub) or at gigs.

Here is a little sample from their upcoming album, "Overgrown".

Also, remember to check them out on facebook!

-- E. Alger


  1. Having taught one of The Daydream Club [Adam], who was the most intuitively musicians I have ever taught in over 36 years of teaching, this band is a perfect meeting of musical and emotional minds. They performed some of their music to hundreds of students at Adam’s old school and they were listened to with rapt attention and wonderment. Their music is great as they are creatively fecund but they wear they influences fairly lightly because they have so much to give of themselves and their distinctive personalities should see them going far. Their communication skills are of the highest order and, even if you have bought their music, do consider them for school and university workshops as this inspirational duo will encourage and motivate all those who are fortunate to be welcomed into the aura of their creativity.

    David Fisher

  2. Thank you for your comment, Mr. Fisher. I think your admiration for your student and the band springs from true knowledge and honesty. I was asked if I wanted to review their album, and I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on the album after its release. I hope we stay in touch, and once again, I thank you for being a great teacher.


  3. Album release not far away now, they are doing a gig at the Musician club in Leicester on 30 Oct, their music is really good on the ear, cant wait to get hold of their album to listen to these dreamy tunes.